Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well it was difficult to say "goodbye" to the people of Belize. While we worked very hard, we had a wonderful time serving and fellowshipping together.

We saw an amazing spirit amongst ourselves as well as the people of Belize. One event stood out that spoke to their generous spirit... we noticed a "yard sale" going on outside of the hospital. When approached as to the purpose, the people said they were selling these items to raise money for the people of Haiti. That was special.

As we look back, it is amazing what was accomplished in just four days (although much more time and effort went on in preparation for those four days)...

  • 68 people received free surgical assistance (some had more than one procedure)
  • 190 people were screened in preparation for the surgeries
  • 680 people received medical care, vitamins, etc. at 4 village clinics
  • 90+ people received reading glasses
  • 50+ people received Bibles
  • One home was completed (with unique showering system & possibly the only indoor plumbing in the village)
  • 4 swings, 1 seesaw & playground equipment stabilized
  • first Portable Ultrasound Equipment in the nation of Belize (to the best of our knowledge)
  • 7+ doctors trained on use of equipment
  • 200+ children participated in Vacation Bible School

All in all, it is amazing what God has accomplished through us but also in us.

I believe we were able to more than fulfill the theme of our trip: 1 Peter 4:10 "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

Praise God!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 6 - Wednesday (Feb. 10) - Ultrasound Equip

While everyone else was taking a well deserved break at San Pedro Island or on a Jungle River/Mayan Ruins tour or cave tubing, Dr. Frappier chose to forgo the fun and provide one more day of training for the portable ultrasound equipment. At the end of the day, they held a dedication ceremony that included many of the hospital dignitaries.

They have already been able to use the equipment to help diagnose issues. In fact, one girl from the Copper Bank Village Medical Clinic was able to find transportation to the hospital in Orange Walk and have her issues diagnosed by the team today.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 5 - Tuesday (Feb. 9) - Construction

Today the construction crew was able to finish installing the window slats, installing the doors, and installing a state of the art shower system. In the afternoon we hosted a Home Dedication Celebration for the village of San Victor. Many in the village turned out for songs that the children learned during Vacation Bible School and everyone enjoyed eating the roasted pig.

Given the physical limitations that cerebral palsy causes Ishmael, he required a very special showering system. This state of the art system allows him to reach the hand held shower head, while sprayer jets help him with areas he cannot reach. This wonderful gift not only helps him but it most likely is the only home in the village that has indoor plumbing. Who knows, Ishmael might now be the most eligible bachelor in San Victor?!?

In addition to the construction efforts at Ishmael's house, the construction crew developed a passion to fix up the village Park Playground. Yesterday they installed three swings. Today they put up a fourth swing, stabilized the playground structure, and used their ingenuity and creativity to make a seesaw. Once again, the park started to fill up with children as the work completed.

Day 5 - Tuesday (Feb. 9) - Surgery

The final day of surgeries took place today. Another 15 patients were helped by this gifted, talented team. That means a total of 68 people were able to receive access to free surgical assistance which will dramatically impact their lives and the lives of their entire families.

This type of assistance would be unattainable for the people that were served. Truly, we were able to help those who were in greatest need.

Day 5 - Tuesday (Feb. 9) - VMC

Village Medical Clinic - San Victor

The Medical Clinic was held in San Victor today -- the same location where the Vacation Bible School was held and where the construction was being done. As a result, most of the Mission team (with the exception of the surgical group) was in San Victor and would be able to participate in the dedication of Ishmael's house.

It was especially hot today and there was no breeze, as was in Copper Bank. Everyone was feeling the heat -- as you can see in the picture album, several of the team fell asleep when they had a break due to exhaustion from the four days of effort coupled with the humid heat.

In San Victor, we were able to screen, evaluate and treat about 170 patients which means that we have seen almost 700 people in just four days. That 5-7 times the normal load in the USA.

Once again we were able to distribute reading glasses and Bibles. This week we were able to distribute over 90 reading glasses and 50 Spanish and English Bibles.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 4 - Monday (Feb. 8) - Construction

Yesterday the construction crew was able to install the window slats and complete some school repairs. Today they began installing the doors on the home.

Some of the guys walked over to the empty park in the neighborhood and began making improvements. By the time they were done, they had installed 3 new swings. And this park that had been empty for 3 years came to life with children within the hour.