Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 2 - Saturday (Feb. 6) - VBS

This is the first year for the Vacation Bible School. The key word for a first time event is "flexibility" and a second key word is "adaptability"... and the VBS team was filled with both, including "creativity"!! The VBS was held in San Victor, the same location as the home construction. They started with over 100 children and the numbers kept growing (kind of like rabbits) over the course of the day.

And while you are thinking about that number of children, understand the VBS team only had 7 members. By God's grace, the construction team's supplies did not show on the first day and they ended up joining the VBS group -- which caused much rejoicing on the part of the VBS team.

Even with the complexities of a large # of children, spanning a wide range of ages, coupled with language barriers the children had a great time. You saw lots of grins, giggles, laughs, and smiles. I guess that is why the # of children kept growing. The VBS team treated the children to games, crafts, a balloon show (that included Adam and Eve) and creative teaching.

Pictures were taken of all the children so that they could be printed out later tonight and given back to the children on Sunday. However, since we used digital cameras, the children were able to see their pictures immediately through the camera displays. They thought that was pretty wonderful by itself. The printed pictures will be incorporated into another craft which the team prepared for later in the evening after returning to the hotel.

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