Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 5 - Tuesday (Feb. 9) - VMC

Village Medical Clinic - San Victor

The Medical Clinic was held in San Victor today -- the same location where the Vacation Bible School was held and where the construction was being done. As a result, most of the Mission team (with the exception of the surgical group) was in San Victor and would be able to participate in the dedication of Ishmael's house.

It was especially hot today and there was no breeze, as was in Copper Bank. Everyone was feeling the heat -- as you can see in the picture album, several of the team fell asleep when they had a break due to exhaustion from the four days of effort coupled with the humid heat.

In San Victor, we were able to screen, evaluate and treat about 170 patients which means that we have seen almost 700 people in just four days. That 5-7 times the normal load in the USA.

Once again we were able to distribute reading glasses and Bibles. This week we were able to distribute over 90 reading glasses and 50 Spanish and English Bibles.

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