Friday, February 5, 2010

Pre-Flight Adventures

We boarded our initial flight earlier this morning with the team arriving bright and early at 4:30am. (okay, at 4:30am it was not very bright but we were all very excited for the trip to begin.) At the airport we heard about some pre-flight adventures. Our Indianapolis participant, Chelsea, had driven to Cincinnati and was enjoying dinner when she realized that her passport was safe at home! Fortunately she had a friend who was willing to meet her half-way so that she only had a 2+ hour trip. She arrived at our house at 12:30am. After a brief power nap, she headed off to the airport -- where she proceeded to sleep on the plane.

Additionally, we almost lost our Pastor Chad. Those of you who are enjoying the current sermon series ( know that Pastor Chad is quite the scientist/magician/chemist. He enjoys making flames turn into pillars of fire or causing clear water to glow in the dark. Well Pastor Chad was planning on using these skills to intrigue the children of Belize in the Vacation Bible School sessions. Of course, the perfect summation of his lessons would be to show the children that the Word of God is mighty and powerful and has the flame of God burning within it. To emphasize this, he was planning on using his special "burning Bible" trick which has a hidden compartment in a Bible that will ignite into flames. Fortunately Pastor Chad had a moment of clarity when he realized that including this device in his luggage, given today's air travel climate, would result in missing the flight and enjoying a long stay with the airport security guards.

In addition to all of this adventure, one of the teams that left on Thursday nearly missed their flight because not only did their gate change, but also the terminal it was leaving from. After getting in some good airport terminal jogging (an important part of everyone's exercise routine) they were able to board just before the doors closed shut.

Well we are all here now. We enjoyed an excellent meal, some worship & praise time, a brief lesson, and an exciting slide show (sorry for the self promotion -- but take a look at the slide shows and tell me what you think).

God Bless

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  1. Bret, the photos are have done a wonderful job with the blog... praying for you all....Kim and Philip