Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delayed Access -- Saturday thru Monday

Sorry about the delay in updating the blog.

Between access issues, the Super Bowl, and the ISP servers going down I have had great difficulty updating the site.

But the server is back up and so I will update you on the past several days... be sure to look at the "older posts" because with all of the new posts, several of them have been pushed back to the previous posts section.

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  1. So cool to see all the great stuff happening in Belize this year. We love the VBS idea and getting all the children involved. One would think it was designed to help help keep the kids out of the construction site, but it looks like it the construction crew took the day off and played at the VBS. Guess that's how Belize time works :-) It is always good to connect with the people in the village before swinging a hammer. God is obviously setting the pace for you.

    Please give our love to all of our friends in San Victor (Ishmael, Armando, Gabriela & Patricio and their family) and of cours to our friend Rafael (and his family). We miss being there with you. The entire Horizon mission team is in our prayers.

    Jim, Jenni & Morgan Pustinger