Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 2 - Saturday (Feb. 6) - VMC

Village Medical Clinic - Louisville

The Village Medical Clinic visited Louisville today.

This was the team's first experience working together. We started by setting up in a local school and determined how the flow would work. In the first room, the nurses would evaluate and screen the patients. They would give out vitamins and worm pills. Those who needed a doctor were passed to the next room where the doctors would diagnose concerns. Then, when necessary, they would be sent to the last room where the pharmacists would dispense the donated medicines. Additionally, those that need help with ear wax build up were sent to the ear lavage station. And those who needed reading glasses were sent to the eyeglass station.

Using this approach, the Village Medical Clinic was able to screen, evaluate and treat 166 patients. To provide some perspective on that number, it represents 5-7 times the number of patients per doctor per hour that would typically be seen in the USA. They were able to diagnose and treat high blood pressure, diabetes, colds, infections, arthritis, stomach aches, and intestinal cramps, in addition to showing love and compassion to old and young alike. And over 50 eyeglasses were given away. During any down time the children were given toys, games were played, and even a soccer match broke out.

As you could imagine, that is an exhausting pace in an un-air conditioned setting, sitting on hard wooden chairs with make shift stations. And while everyone was exhausted, there were smiles on all of the faces because the families were so appreciative of the gift they were receiving.

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