Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 5 - Tuesday (Feb. 9) - Construction

Today the construction crew was able to finish installing the window slats, installing the doors, and installing a state of the art shower system. In the afternoon we hosted a Home Dedication Celebration for the village of San Victor. Many in the village turned out for songs that the children learned during Vacation Bible School and everyone enjoyed eating the roasted pig.

Given the physical limitations that cerebral palsy causes Ishmael, he required a very special showering system. This state of the art system allows him to reach the hand held shower head, while sprayer jets help him with areas he cannot reach. This wonderful gift not only helps him but it most likely is the only home in the village that has indoor plumbing. Who knows, Ishmael might now be the most eligible bachelor in San Victor?!?

In addition to the construction efforts at Ishmael's house, the construction crew developed a passion to fix up the village Park Playground. Yesterday they installed three swings. Today they put up a fourth swing, stabilized the playground structure, and used their ingenuity and creativity to make a seesaw. Once again, the park started to fill up with children as the work completed.

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